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A DB suit should always have pleats, and never belt loops, that will avoid it looking like a fashion piece.
Don't listen to anything people say on a forum about a shirt fit.
The colors didn't come out to well. But the pants are green, the PS is kind of green, I am not sure what color to call it but it has a white overplaid which didn't come out at all. The jacket is H. Lesser Tropical [French Navy]
Almost all of my 15 suits are DB. I have 4 SB's. Trust me if you saw my entire face and over all appearance you would't think I was day under 30. I wear DB for a few reasons. OTR it get better patterns, full cut, I look older- which is something I need and don't need. Customers used to request someone more "senior" to work with them.
-That is a basic PS fold, you'll find it on Brooks Brothers website, Flusser's books and most other style references to PS's.-Trust me, seeing him in person when he lifts his arm nothing will rise up above his head. That is a very high armholes and barely any shoulder padding. It's an "extended point-to-point drape" like any other soft suit.As for other comments I am shocked people think they are flamboyant. Striped suits are not over the top and pinning collars is...
I know it is pretty basic but I am a believer in each item's color having a relationship with something in the outfit. The PS should relate to the shirt, and the tie should relate to the suit or everything else. I never match the tie and PS though, I'll try to post what I am wearing tomorrow which is sort of like this but a gray and white statement. I advise people to wear outfits like this one to start themselves getting used to dressing in an advanced way.
0 padding in the shoulders. All Paul Stuart
Prince Charles would wear a striped or patterned shirt, these men wouldn't. They get clothes made that complement their attitudes and body's but they indulge in details (collar pins, DB opposed to SB).
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