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My dinner clothes are all ventless. Side vents are OK. The bigger issue is notch lapels on dinner clothes. Notch is for daytime clothes and the office. A notch lapel on formalwear is an oxymoron.
Selling an Anderson and Sheppard, eat it up!
I have a Lesser Tropical DB, with a vest, and for the winter Drapers 12oz in a herringbone, SB with a vest. For stripes I have a Smith 120s and Cashmere for the winter, and for Spring, Summer, Fall a vintage 10z narrow stripe. Both of those are 3 piece DB's. I have a bolt of navy flannel with a gray windowpane I am dying to use. For my furnishings, navy as a base color is the most useful.
I think Josh Cooper Ramo is maybe a more agreeable example. He wears Kiton exclusively.
Cooper Collar
It's called sharkskin. "Pick by pick" is pedestrian.
The Windsor knot really doesn't work with a knit tie.
I never heard anyone either from a mill or retail call it pick-by-pick. I am used to a totally different lingo than most people. For example "nail head" pisses me off. I was taught to never use that term. Most people think a birdseyes, pin dot, and tickweave are all "nail heads." They are not able to differentiate them. Today a customer referred to all three of those as nailheads.
pick by pick? You mean a tickweave?
Sorry for the size.... 3 3/4'' Peak Lapel Side Vents Slanted pockets with ticket Turnback cuffs
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