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I believe the reference number is 325301
Like derek said, hopefully you can get your money back. To all the lurkers that is reading this thread. Don't be afraid to take your Rolex to an AD to get it check out. If for some magically reason they refuse to check it out. You can always send it to the RSC. They will open the watch and see if your watch need any servicing or has any aftermarket parts . Then you obviously decline the service and they will ship back you the watch. They will give you a receipt with the...
imho the smooth bezel for the DJ II looks a lot better than the fluted.
lol I'm still not used to the thread name change. I keep scrolling down my subscription list. I know right. The Pelagos is a pretty nice watch.will do
I have a couple watches in mind.1. Cartier Tank Solo XL automatic2. Rolex DateJust II blue dial smooth bezelI already start saving for my Lange 1 moonphase (rose gold). Hopefully in a few years.....
You can get/order a Santoni strap from IWC.The strap is stupid expensive tho, around $500-600 bucks.
lol interesting.Oh I forgot to answer your question a few pages back. I did indeed saw the Tank Solo automatic at Adler.It is a really nice watch. I almost bought it when I was in Houston this past Thanksgiving week. I might pull the trigger in a few months.great collection. The Panda is the only ROO I like.
Hey, I was just looking at that watch. I always wanted a Cartier Tank. I really like the Tank Solo, but the quartz version was just too small. I think you can't go wrong with that version. The price isn't too bad, the size is great, and it's an automatic + date.
Same here. I don't want much, just a nice rose gold L1
You just gotta love those Seiko divers. They also make great gifts too. But I really like that SBDB001
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