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+1fwiw, a two-tone Rolex is a bit more flashy.But if you wear a stainless Rolex, 99% of the time nobody is going to notice or even look at your wrist (excluding watch AD and mall.) I think it is also safe to assume we all wear long sleeve shirts here. If you see somebody is looking at you. It is probably your shoes, or pocket square.
That is pretty interesting.
Thank you. You nailed it.
love the 190.. congrats man!
For sale is two J.Crew shirts. They both are practically brand new. BOTH shirts were hemmed. So both of the shirts length are 29". light blue staple shirt tag size medium and is the slim fit version asking $35 shipped Navy white dot, a shirt that has been sold out for awhile now. tag size medium asking $50 shipped // $$$OLD
good luck The GMT is probably my favorite Rolex. I love the Pepsi bezel so much. I can really see myself buying a 1675 or 16750 real soon. Even tho I already own a GMT-C. I love it that much.
This is my list. I think all of these watch I can realistically get in the future. Of coarse I would love to own a Patek 5960 or a ALS Datograph, and etc. ALS Lange 1 moonphase in rose gold VC Patrimony in platinum AP Jumbo 15202 Rolex GMT 1675 gilt dial Rolex Daytona ref 6264 in yellow gold .... I really love those vintage gold Rolex sport watches. (Okay I lie on this one... I'll probably have to settle for a SS one ) honorable mention :
Cheers everyone
love it Cylon
same here. I really do love the GMT. A vintage 1675 GILT is on my short list.I probably posted this pic already, but idk
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