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The regular stainless one has been sold out for awhile now.It was $180ish shipped from this site. Amazon is sold out.http://www.longislandwatch.com/Orient_ER24005W_Dress_Watch_p/er24005w.htm
I would go with the Snowflake. Not my pics.
x2 ...Hey Newcomer, I think I read somewhere you was thinking about getting the Orient Bambino.You should definitely get it. It is a pretty gorgeous watch. I sold one to a fellow SF member a few months ago I bought another one around Thanksgiving, I noticed my friend kept staring at it. I just took it off my wrist and gave it to him. He has been wearing it since then.
awesome shot and boots. Dalton?
Congrats on the Daytona! That is the beauty of this hobby. There are so many watches out there, unfortunately we can't own or like them all. Speaking of the GMT, what are you guys wearing today?
enjoying my day off. what are you guys wearing today?
It is a great watch. My cousin wore that exact same watch for years.
I really love the 240 movement.Speaking of microrotor.Chopard L.U.C. 1.96 is no slouch either (obv. not my pics)
+2I love this thread. I think I stop reading about clothes in 2010 lol.Hell I think at least half of my post is in this thread or what are you drinking/smoking thread.
+1fwiw, a two-tone Rolex is a bit more flashy.But if you wear a stainless Rolex, 99% of the time nobody is going to notice or even look at your wrist (excluding watch AD and mall.) I think it is also safe to assume we all wear long sleeve shirts here. If you see somebody is looking at you. It is probably your shoes, or pocket square.
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