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Mafoo would love this
Damn guys, I'm kinda torn... I'm actually thinking about switching my regular GMTc to the new model. Hopefully the price difference isn't so huge.
my trusty GMT
I miss my DJ too I'm not a huge fan of PVD watch. But I got a really good deal on this watch. I was looking for a cheap decent looking quartz chronograph.It also came with a zulu/leather strap
Congrats !! I love my GMTIIc dearly. It's pretty comfortable too right?
Right thread for sure, congrats on the pick up.
Wow, I know I've been really busy lately. But damn, it's been one month already?!Congrats Newcomer!! I bet you're really stoked man.
Congrats man. One month will fly by, no problem.
I love that watch ... 3940 right? It is probably my 2nd favorite Patek, right behind the 5970.I finally had the chance to catch up on this thread, great stuff guys! I hope everyone is doing good.
Also, I believe a watch doesn't define a person.EDIT : I just caught this. Right on
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