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You should be fine. Enjoy our fine city!
J.Crew asking $20 shipped ---SOLD-- Tag size : Medium 18"shoulder 21" p2p 23" sleeve 28"length J.Crew .. the green is a bit darker in person. asking $20 shipped ---SOLD-- Tag size : Medium 18" shoulder 28.5" length 20.5" p2p 24" sleeve RRL asking $40 shipped ---SOLD-- Tag size : Medium 17" shoulder 30" length 20.75" p2p 26" sleeve BR ... with contrast sleeve asking $20 shipped Tag size : Medium 18" shoulder 20.75" p2p 32" length 23" sleeve Epaulet Smith...
$110 CONUS 7/10 condition, one quick polish will do wonders for these shoes. size 8 B-width shoe tree/box not included.
A pretty underrated brand indeed.In fact, beside the MontBlanc Rieussec, they make one of my favorite chronograph of all time. Cream dial, domed crystal, great size I had a chance to buy this a few months ago. I'm still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger. It is a relevantly rare watch, you just don't see them for sale.
Here is another food for thought. An average person doesn't know how much a Rolex cost. All they know, it is a pretty damn expensive watch brand. You would be surprised on the guess too. I would get guess from $500, $2,000, $15,000, etc.
I was telling myself, if the price difference wasn't too crazy. I would do the trade. But now I'm having serious 2nd thoughts. My GMT + 2-3k more, I think I'm better off getting that Cartier I've been eyeing on, or get couple new pairs of GG.... I think I'm going save up for that 1675, and get it down the road. I love the vintage Pepsi so much, owning two GMT wouldn't bother me.
That is so insane... A platinum Daytona cost a little bit more than an ALS platinum Datograph.
This is what I got from TRF : GMT Master II 116710BLNR € 7.350 from July YMII 116680 € 15.400 from July Daytona platinum 116506 € 61.550 from September WOW... almost 80 stacks for a fricking Daytona?
Well the current msrp for the GMT is $8,450. Rolex WILL also have another price increase pretty soon. So If I have take a good guess.... $9,100+, maybe $500-800 for bi-color bezel.The new stuff from Basel usually arrive in most AD around Aug-Sept.I'm probably gonna trade my current GMT for the new one. The crazy thing, I was thinking long hard about the new YM (not the II), I really dig the new blue dial.
I know right!! And I looooove my GMT.
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