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Lovely 3940!!! Beside the 3970/5970, that is my favorite PP hands down. x2!!!The NYC GTG sounds pretty fun. Also please don't forget to take some pics Most of the Cellinis are pretty small. Top of my head, I believe the Danaos XL is the largest at 38mm (perfect size imo).
Keith : great watch man! Reminds me of one of my favorite Hamilton, the Boulton.
I'm also thinking about getting a Cartier Tank Solo automatic soon. That watch has been on my list for awhile now. The Tudor Blue HC is also pretty tempting as well.
LOL well I'm a couple hundred pages behind. To make a long story short, my laptop was stolen and I just got it back. I turn it back on, and Chrome still had all my tabs open. I had this question quoted.While the IWC Portuguese is a really nice watch. But I really did miss my Rolex. So I end up getting a GMTc. I got into wristwatch about 6-7 years ago and I never care for Rolex until they release the GMTc. That sparked my interests in Rolex. That is when I start doing a ton...
Hey guys, usually a lurker, but I love this thread. Friend just randomly gift me a few bottles.
gorgeous watchI miss mines dearly.
I'm a little rusty with the new models. Is that the 1815 Chronograph? It is a beauty!! Dang I just realized I haven't post in this thread in awhile. It's always good to see a healthy Rolex discussion. As much I love my GMT IIc, I can really see myself adding a 1675 pretty soon.
ahaha is that Sam?
BR ... with contrast sleeve asking $20 shipped Tag size : Medium 18" shoulder 20.75" p2p 32" length 23" sleeve
The watch is in pretty good condition. It comes with 3 additional straps. It is a pretty awesome watch, I just don't wear it enough to keep it around. Asking $170 shipped CONUS. Just the watch and the straps.
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