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Great looking watch!Speaking of which, I was eating lunch today and I noticed this gentleman was wearing a Chopard L.U.C XP Tonneau. It's a really nice watch. I really like the Tonneau case, and I'm a sucker for those micro-rotor. So I drool every time Frills post his beautiful 3940.. Pics from the interwebz (relevantly slim watch too) :
Yup same here. I was never a fan of the lume hands on the regular L1 moonphase.^^^^
I saw this awhile back, and I thought it was pretty neat and creepy.
I have a really bad Panerai itch right now. I really dig the Panerai 351 and 388Then again, I have an itch for other watches too. Or maybe..... I just need to take a shower.Okay, that is way too awesome lol.awww man.. sucks the 112 is leaving. I assume it wasn't getting any wrist time? I never got to said congrats on the TOG.
I like the Tissot "Le Locle" is a great value too.
I like the Rolex Explorer or Airking on a plain strap, basically avoid the cyclops and oyster/jubilee bracelet. They can spot that from a mile away. How about a pilot watch, like the IWC Mark XV/XVI?The Hamilton khaki series is pretty nice too if you're on a budget.The Sinn 556 is another option too :
Thank you for those great pictures! I especially enjoy that Jumbo and OQ picture . The RO "Jumbo" is definitely one of my dream watch (especially the blue dial). Is your Jumbo the blue dial? I can't really tell. My uncle is still pretty stoked about the watch. The Rolex OQ has definitely moved up on my watch list now. I'm quite fond of the silver dial.Dino, like always.. I appreciated your well thought out responses and opinions. It means a lot to get a response back that...
Speaking of quartz, how do you guys feel about the Rolex Oysterquartz? My uncle just pick one up and I must say.. I'm smitten. I'm sure I'll get some mixed feelings from you guys. I think I read somewhere. James Dowling mention that the strap on the Oyster quartz is the strongest strap ever made by Rolex
lol I don't blame you. To said Frills have an amazing collection would be an understatement. While I prefer the Royal Oak, especially the Jumbo. The Nautilus is a damn good looking watch. I don't know how to describe the bracelet, but it has a fine silky feel to it lol.I saw the quartz version not so long ago. I wish Hamilton would make an auto version, the one I saw was quartz and gold plated.
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