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Loving that IWC Big Pilot TC!
Pretty sure it's Walnut.This is random, but I sure love my Daltons.
Absolutely love that Tank Louis XL. great cufflinks too
Alright here you go.Outdoor :Indoor :
I just received mines today too! Wow... I'm glad I went with the medium brown too.Major props to David, and Kent for the fast shipping. I took a bunch of pics, I'll get it up in a bit.
yeah no kidding. My very first pocket square was from KW, the white linen PS back in 2008. I still have it too, damn 5 years just blew by.
yay.. just pulled the trigger. Man I've been eyeing these shoes for awhile now.I'll post some pics once I get them.
I'm really close on pulling the trigger on the medium brown as well.
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