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Hey guys, I feel like a complete noob for asking this. What's the differences between this and the 875? The color is Copper Yuma. Or I'm crazy and it's the same boots...
Nicee.. love that Speedy and Strand!!
Aww I wish man.. I don't have a FPJ CS at the moment. It's such a gorgeous watch.You might get a kick out of this story. The first time I saw one in the wild, it was at Chuck E Cheese's (little cousin party) of all places. I was blatantly staring at his watch, he smiled and asked me if I wanted to see it. I remember thinking to myself, I wonder how fast I can run or how many tickets did this cost...But wow I just realized I haven't change my avatar since 2009. I still...
aww you haven't seen Frozen yet? =PP
coming out of the woodwork to say nice ToG Stitchyyyy!
Well on the bright side, at least the movement didn't came off.
First off, congrats on the watch. You will get there one day young man. Just keep on saving and to stay focus on your studies. The watch will always be there when you're ready to make that big purchase. Trust me, time really does flies..
$2,100 for an Omega Speedmaster 3572. Awwww man, at that time I thought I overpaid for it. 3570 and 3572 were going for 1500-1800ish back then.... But I was really determine to win that auction. It's funny how that watch has gone up in value. I regrettably traded it for a Rolex DateJust a few years back. I'm still kicking myself on that trade.My first automatic watch was a Seiko "Blue Spark." It was my 18th birthday gift from my best friend. I remember telling him it...
very nice.. I like that case, pretty cool.
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