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Norelco BodyGroom dude. Chest, armpit trim, pubes, nuts, cock. . . it does it all. Waterproof too.
Picked up 4 no-iron slim fits and a bunch of socks at my local outlet. My size was hard to come by so I had to swap around sizes a little bit but I'm still happy.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, keep em coming!
Quote: Originally Posted by Philosoph Definitely Balance. That's where I go, and I love it. No frills, and you can do everything from gymnastics rings to Olympic lifts without getting strange looks. Do the owners/gym-goers "look-down" if I don't subscribe to the whole personal training thing? Or would you recommend at least trying a session or two to get familiar with the equipment?
I'll be moving to DC in a few weeks to start my new job (huzzah), and although the building I'll be working in sports a gym, I suspect it will be more along the lines of machines and elipticals than a true gym. I'm a pretty hardcore lifter (as in squats and deadlifts as opposed to curls and extensions), and don't need all types of fancy machines to do my workouts. For cardio I either run outside or do modified crossfit routines. I prefer that my gym isn't a social-scene...
1 scoop whey 1 banana 1/2 cup oats glob peanut butter water blend till smooth add in ice blend profit.
Quote: Originally Posted by scugger Out of curiosity, do you think plain Vans slip-ons qualify as flat soled shoes? Are they as flat as chucks? Yea those'll work.
You're definately going to need to size down. When I've bought them in stores, I'm a size small according to their sizing chart, and I'm definitely a medium/large in most other brands.
I use a carabiner that I've had for ages. Easy on, easy off.
/cheers for the detailed response. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a pair of s5000s
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