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I'm down for one. Thanks for getting us smaller guys some clothes that fit, skinnyman.
Great Lakes Brewery makes a pumpkin ale that we started serving at the restaurant I work at. It's light. Made with pumpkin and pumpkin spices. Has a great nose full of all-spice, clove, cinnamon. Just like pumpkin pie. Good label with a big jack o'lantern in the front for the holidays. We were carrying it a few weeks before the LCBO started stocking it, but it should be widely available now.
Back when I didn't know any better and left a lot of the choices to the tailors whom I brought clothes in to alter, I had 3 or 4 trousers hemmed at Stitch It, based on the recommendation of some saleswoman at Club Monaco just down the street on Bloor. Granted, I didn't know any better and so it was partially my fault in that I wasn't firm at all in what I wanted, but all of the trousers were universally hemmed way too short. Completely circumstantial, but the fact...
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan God dammit. They ordered everything else in an XS but these. Unless they were bought up ridiculously fast. Called Hejfina a few days ago to inquire about the availability of the XS. The lady on the phone told me that they only got a run of S, M, and L as it was an order that they had placed later with Nepenthes for whatever was still left in stock. I feel ya though Dan. At this point, I'm...
looks like the logo for patagonia...?
Thanks for the info, Norcal and Sator. One last question slightly touched upon in Sator's last post: Does the way a wool is woven (i.e. the aforementioned open weaves) affect the way the fabric is draped? It sounds like from Sator's post that the only thing that affects drape is the Super #...but wouldn't a more closed / dense weave affect the weight of the fabric and hence the drape?
Do lower super numbers also indicate a more insulated garment? Working in the restaurant industry, I often am required to wear a suit where durability is important but breathability is paramount. In the middle of service there is nothing worse than running around bringing people food and starting to sweat because your jacket keeps you too warm. Is there a fabric that is a suitable compromise--both durable, but also lightweight?
Having become excited after looking at Alexander Kabbaz's new Pantherella offerings, I disappointedly noticed that most of the socks fit a range of shoe size starting with 9. Most socks I've had experience with also give a range, most starting with size 8 but nothing ever any lower. In the past, I've worn socks that were too large (I'm a size 7) --hiking them a little higher on the calf and having the part of the sock where the heel goes ending up slightly above the heel...
Quote: Originally Posted by StockwellDay The suits, made by Italy's Ermenegildo Zegna in a licensing agreement, Quote: Originally Posted by StockwellDay he was dressed in one of his own charcoal-gray two-button suits with single vent and matching vest. The website has a countdown that goes until tomorrow when I assume we'll be able to see pictures. I guess we should reserve judgment until then;...
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