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Thinking of purchasing a Filson Small Duffle Bag to be used as a Carry On on flights and as a "day pack". Anyone travelled with a this bag before? How was it? Or should I consider something else?
Well, I got a 1 year Working Holiday Visa in France so I also plan to find work. freelance, volunteer, do homestay, etc
SNS Herning Stark is my favourite knit. Would it be a dumb idea to take it with me overseas? I will be travelling for a year in all sorts of weather. Th knit will keep me warm but it's a bit heavy to carry around with me. What do you guys think?
Ok ok I'm not getting it. The reason I want it as I could get the bag new for $92. I have credit from the store and was looking to get rid of it.
Thanks for the advice and recommendations...but I still like the backpack I originally posted Does it not look durable? The material is made of technical fabric, product descriptions says it was designed to be wearable on the streets and slopes. Here are the inside of the bag...looks well made to me, I don't see how this will fall apart
I think the bag is tough. It is a collaboration between Porter x Isaora and description says it has waterproof zippers and the base constructed from a super-tough, technical nylon sourced from Italy.
Do you guys think this backpack will be too small to take with me for travelling? I want a bag that can be used as a carry on. It measures 55cm x 20cm x 30cm which is about 33 litres! Keep in mind I will be travelling for one year, in all sorts of weather...will it be big enough?
Can someone recommend a good brand of sandals or flip flops? Budget: less than $50
Converse X Hancock VA Jack Purcell Mid. Chateau Grey. They're waterproof...made of rubber
Awesome texture, classic Navy colour, Signature Patrik Ervell piece. Condition: 8.5/10 The stitching in one corner of the tag has come off, but this is a really easy fix if you want to get it fixed. Minor pulls just from natural wear; nothing major - no stains, tears, etc. Measurements (in inches): shoulder-to-shoulder: 17 pit-to-pit: 17.5 sleeves: 25 overall length (from below the collar to the hem on the back): 22 Note It is tagged XS but I think a someone who...
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