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I went to the Margaret Howell store in London today. They were having final reductions sale with a good selection of sizes but they were still a bit expensive for me. Now I am not familiar with MH there anything I should check out, I have a chance to go there again.
This bag from White Mountaineering?
the one behind the sewing machine for a midget?
I just spent the whole rainy afternoon in Paris Uniqlo trying out the jeans. The legging jeans are the most comfortable. And they fit slim and great, I usually can't wear skinny jeans but these fit my thighs and calves well. For some reason the black legging fits a size smaller than the rest.
I rather go visit monuments, museums, tourist attractions, etc first before I do some clothes shopping.@Find Finn Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out today
I'm in Paris for one more day. Where is the best place to go for shopping for Mens clothes in Paris? So far I have not visited any clothing stores besides Uniqlo. Should I even bother?
Just came back from Uniqlo Le Marais in Paris. The store is in a newly restored historical building, it is quite nice even has a museum in the bottom floor.
I heard if you keep emailing charlie for an update your jacket would be made faster
Cheers, please check your inbox for payment detailsNeed to get rid of my other stuff in my sign =/
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