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Does anyone know if the Stephan Schneider store in Antwerp do any sales after Christmas? I am thinking of visiting the store as I will be in Belgium at the end of the year.
Just wondering do you guys think the leather in this COS jumper looks lame? It was 30% off and was going to buy it decided not to at the last minute. Did I make the right decision?
I am currently travelling in Europe for one year and I took with me Nike Free Runs and Wolverine 1000 miles boots. As for matching with shorts, I also took with me sandals which I can also wear in hostel showers and to the beach.
How much do finamore shirts usually retail for? I was just in the outlet in Milan and they were selling them for 65 euros in my size. Is that a good price?
I'm in Milan right now and just came back from dmagazine outlet. They have this suede leather jacket from an unknown Italian brand called dacute on sale for 198 euros (originally 616 euros). Anyone familar with this brand? i'm no expert but the leather seems like good quality and it fits me well. Sorry for the bad photo Yay or nay?
I am in Florence right now and I am a bit disappointed with the clothing stores (probably because I don't know where to shop) and the prices are a bit high. I'm thinking of heading to Milan to do some shopping and visit the outlets. Has anyone here been before? Worth going or should I just skip Milan altogether. What other cities in Northern Italy should I check out?
Bumping this thread up since I will be in Rome and Florence for the next week. Any updates on where to shop?
I am in Italy right now (Naples). Is there anything (clothing related) I should check out? Will be travelling around Italy for about a month.
Took some pics from dover street market
Just bought a messenger bag from Muji for 20 pounds in the London Oxford St store. They were half price and the quality is pretty decent. [IMG]
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