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size down at least one
I recently purchase this boot in Amber Harness and I'm a bit confused about what to apply. I got Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP and Obenauf's Leather Oil? Which one should I apply?
Finally got mine this week...t
Does shoe polish and leather oil have best before dates? Does it matter if it's like 20 years old?
Aussies, where is the best place to get shoe trees? Don't mind whether it's online or in a real store...
Anyone size 11? You can get it for bargain price at http://www.coggles.com/item/Red-Wing/Beckman-9011-Black-Cherry-Boots/7VV7
So for those yet to receive it, what are you going to do? Anyone successful in getting their money back?
I want! Can you ship to Australia?
Same boat. And I paid an extra $93 just for the express shipping to Australia...
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