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I received my tracking number about a month ago. I still have not received my boots. I've tried contacting them by email several times and have yet to get a response. And I can't call them as I'm in Australia. Anyone else from overseas got their boots yet? I'm so fucking annoyed!!!
Cargo pants by Opening Ceremony. Yes or No? It's on sale for $84
Still waiting for mine. Got my tracking number over 2 weeks ago...I gotta feeling it's missing in the post
site's server is down?
Just like to share this great offer with Styleforum. Tooheys New promotion is offering an official Wallabies supporter jersey for $10 (inc postage). Just enter the "unique" code from any Tooheys slab. Just go to http://tooheysnew.com.au/rwc11.php and use the code "A9CD5UT6NX" Note: I would say the Jersey fits large so size down one size I just received mine yesterday and the quality is great. Well worth it for the price.
happysocks.com 70% off all socks on the website (exclude collab). They are Second Stock and Sample Socks though... And buy 4 or more to receive free shipping worldwide
Someone should post some fit pics...how do you guys wear them?
Is there a way to decrease the height of each post? There's just way too much scrolling in the new format
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