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Can you guys recommend good running shoes? Budget around $US100 or lower and preferably in a minimalist style...Was going to buy Asics Kayano but they look damn ugly. I know it's just for running but I am thinking of using it to travel to europe for a few months. Please anyone (my questions always gets ignored)?
For those that do have the boots, what type of insole are you using? Any recommendations? I've never use insoles before but I really need insoles for this boot, it's uncomfortable to walk in and I experience heel slippage.
Where can I get good quality, reasonable priced insole for my boots?
^ During checkout there is an option to choose the free shipping...it worked for me
Number Six London has a 20% off coupon code (XMAS20) that ends on 12th December. They also do free worldwide shipping and an additional 20% off VAT. I just bought a saint james sweater for about $90 shipped, it's a pretty good price considering the official site is selling them for $225 http://www.numbersixlondon.com/brands/saint-james/
How does the nubuck boots hold up in the rain and snow? Thinking of taking them to Europe early next year..if it snows, should I be worried? I don't mind it looking a bit beat up
Anyone in Australia interested in buying a pair of NEW Dayton Service Boots in Nubuck? Here's the boot http://www.styleforum.net/t/158840/whats-the-appeal-of-the-wings-horns-x-dayton-service-boots/1300_50#post_4837378 They are marked size US 8.5 but it will fit someone who is around size US 9.5 They are new and never worn outside of the house. Also comes with the toppy. Selling at a loss for $350 (shipped to anywhere in Australia), if you were to get it now it will...
Friday 25th: Free domestic shipping on all online orders and 20% off every single item at the Tanner Goods flagship location.Saturday 26th - Monday 28th: Free domestic shipping on all online orders and 15% off every single item the Tanner Goods flagship location.In addition, we’ll throw in a free gift (Wristband in any color) on all orders over $150 from Black Friday until December 15th. Just a little something for the holidays—wear it well.
damn it! Too late Wish I could have helped!!!
The boots take so long just to put them on...can be annoying at times
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