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those boots with white soles (such as red wings) )are they suitable for snow use?
Stop being a tight ass and just get it. It's a good price
I don't know how you can link Clarks with Northface jackets.
But I want to use the Clarks for formal wear...
I am about to start backpacking around Europe for 3 months. How many pair of shoes should I bring? I'm thinking 3 - pair of hiking/snow boots, Clarks Desert Boot and Spring courts. Do you think that is too much? The boots are kinda heavy...
Ketawa, it's too tight. And 3-Sixteen Jeans does not stretch so buy true to size.
The boots sucks. Doesn't really look that good, very uncomfortable to wear and the shoe laces keeps getting undone!
No one cares! This is a sales thread, please stay on topic.
How does Ervell fit? I'm a between size S and M...thinking of getting it
I just got Superfeet (green one) for my dayton service boots and it is too thick. Need something thinner...any other recommendations?
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