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I got the sl-200x (black denim) about 3 months ago and have been wearing them about 2 times per week. Do they stretch? Because they are still very tight! Do I need to give it a wash? Maybe I shouldn't have sized down 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Where are you getting this info? Well here is my Khaki 256 It's too dark to be a tan, too light to be a brown EDIT: Also someone else refer to it as Khaki http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ghlight=filson
Quote: Originally Posted by RangerP I'm pretty sure you're right I'm pretty sure you're wrong I am wrong. The different colour is not called canvas, it's called khaki.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Failing to keep the leather conditioned or oiled is not. In the long term you will regret it and shorten the life of your boots. Does this apply to the nubuck boots?
no one replied
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain i think you are wrong nope
Actually there is another colour that is really similar to tan...it's called canvas and it's a little bit darker than tan.
Thought I would bump this topic instead of creating a new one.
Ok someone should post some fit pics
every time this thread gets bumped, it's always users posting pointless stuff that I don't care about ...where are the pics?!!!
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