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Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain i think you are wrong nope
Actually there is another colour that is really similar to tan...it's called canvas and it's a little bit darker than tan.
Thought I would bump this topic instead of creating a new one.
Ok someone should post some fit pics
every time this thread gets bumped, it's always users posting pointless stuff that I don't care about ...where are the pics?!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Banana Cognac So you got 50% after check out? yeah but I haven't got a confirmation that it has been shipped out yet
I already ordered some stuff from Mr Porter sale through the US website. I heard the sale is US Only but I was able to check out using the shipping to Australia option. Hope they will accept my order.
good to know people have been getting emails
So many awkward fit pics in this thread
Sorry for not reading the entire thread and I know this has been asked a million times but... What is the sizing like for J Crew Shirts. I normally wear size small shirts but I bought from the B&S forum some J Crew Shirts and they seemed to be a bit big. Should I size down to XS? Anyone got any measurements?
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