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Fucking Endclothing sent me the wrong jacket size twice in a row. And they won't won't refund my shipping cost!
I don't get why people would pay that much for the Alpaca Jacket. Just wait until the end of season sales e.g last February, I was in the Antwerp store and they still had lots of jackets left, including that grey Alpaca jacket for around 250 euros.
Guys, which colour looks best?
Go on...list the other 10 ways
Selling a brand new with tag Nanamica Reversible Varsity Jacket (Ecru) RRP €399It is tagged a Medium. I would say it will fit someone who usually wears medium or is between sizes small and medium.Here are the measurementsPit to Pit - 21''Back - 24.5''Shoulder - 18''Arm - 19''The jacket can be worn with either face on the outer, one side being a solid coloured Bayhead Cloth the other a striped seersucker cotton, while the detailing is both authentic and functional.65%...
Anyone have experience with Edwin 55 Chino's? I can get them for half price but don't really know the quality and fit...
Probably bad photos. They look awesome here [[SPOILER]]
Triads has these Nanamica Varsity Jackets at 50% off plus further 20% VAT discount Good price?
Does anyone have the Begonia pants? How is the quality and do they fit slim? I normally wear size 31 or 32 but don't know if I should get size IV or V.
This is a Sales Alert thread, please keep on topic.
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