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What is up with the title of this topic?
So I wore these boots out today and god damn they are just so uncomfortable. There's no padding and there's not enough room to add insoles. Was wondering would it be possible to replace the entire sole with something that is more comfortable to walk in? Any suggestions?
Do it! Asos has them on sale for only $135 shipped with coupon code EXTRA10
Buttero Canvas Hi-Top Trainers $135 shipped at ASOS (with code EXTRA10)
They are canvas.
Anyone know where I can purchase shoelaces like the ones on the shoes below?
Half priced! http://www.boylstontradingco.com/roccia-vet.html There's also different models on that site
I got it from Goodstead at half price. Is that where you got yours? I really hope it fits!
Anyone familar with the brand Edwin? Do they make good pants? I'm interested in getting Edwin 55 Chino from a site which has it on sale for half price.
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