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The colour is not so nice
Anyone have any experience with Bonobos? How are the pants? DO they look good? Are they well made? The reason I ask is I got a $25 voucher to use.
How should I tie the laces for these? I tie them the normal way and they keep getting undone
http://www.boylstontradingco.com/common-projects-premium-achilles.html Common projects size 43 for $108, someone should buy it
I have purchased from them. Their shipping is fast (about 1 week). Don't know about the duties/taxes as I am from Australia and we don't get taxed on goods below $1000.
I kinda like this Stephan Schneider Cashmere Jacket...too bad it's for females
Paris London Stockholm Antwerp Tokyo New York
^ Nice, I think you will come in handy during the end of season sales
Just finished listing a couple of my items on ebay. I follow this thread all the time and I see a lot of members posting listing to their ebay items, so I decided to do the same. Really want to cull my wardrobe, I have way too many stuff so I'm selling them at a great ptice. Please check them...
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