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Please give us all a warning of when MTM will end.
Champion knitter Carlysle Streit working on a sweater to be sent to the American forces in Europe during World War I, Cincinnati, circa 1918.
Anyone here play iOS games? There's a new clothing sim game by Kairosoft, haha it's pretty fun and addictive! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-clothier/id562183957?mt=8
Does anyone know when Temple of Jawnz MTM will end? I'm interested in ordering one more jacket but I am still waiting for my current order to arrive to see whether I got the sizing correct. Is it safe to assume TOJ MTM would still be around until the end of this year?
Anyone like to comment on these butteros boots? Looks alright, might get it when it's on sale http://www.superdenim.co.uk/prodpage.asp?productid=2658
The colour is not so nice
Anyone have any experience with Bonobos? How are the pants? DO they look good? Are they well made? The reason I ask is I got a $25 voucher to use.
How should I tie the laces for these? I tie them the normal way and they keep getting undone
http://www.boylstontradingco.com/common-projects-premium-achilles.html Common projects size 43 for $108, someone should buy it
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