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They are canvas.
Anyone know where I can purchase shoelaces like the ones on the shoes below?
Half priced! http://www.boylstontradingco.com/roccia-vet.html There's also different models on that site
I got it from Goodstead at half price. Is that where you got yours? I really hope it fits!
Anyone familar with the brand Edwin? Do they make good pants? I'm interested in getting Edwin 55 Chino from a site which has it on sale for half price.
Fucking Endclothing sent me the wrong jacket size twice in a row. And they won't won't refund my shipping cost!
I don't get why people would pay that much for the Alpaca Jacket. Just wait until the end of season sales e.g last February, I was in the Antwerp store and they still had lots of jackets left, including that grey Alpaca jacket for around 250 euros.
Guys, which colour looks best?
Go on...list the other 10 ways
New Posts  All Forums: