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I am in Florence right now and I am a bit disappointed with the clothing stores (probably because I don't know where to shop) and the prices are a bit high. I'm thinking of heading to Milan to do some shopping and visit the outlets. Has anyone here been before? Worth going or should I just skip Milan altogether. What other cities in Northern Italy should I check out?
Bumping this thread up since I will be in Rome and Florence for the next week. Any updates on where to shop?
I am in Italy right now (Naples). Is there anything (clothing related) I should check out? Will be travelling around Italy for about a month.
Took some pics from dover street market
Just bought a messenger bag from Muji for 20 pounds in the London Oxford St store. They were half price and the quality is pretty decent. [IMG]
I went to the Margaret Howell store in London today. They were having final reductions sale with a good selection of sizes but they were still a bit expensive for me. Now I am not familiar with MH clothing...is there anything I should check out, I have a chance to go there again.
This bag from White Mountaineering? https://www.ssense.com/men/product/white_mountaineering/black-classic-nylon-backpack/90083
the one behind the sewing machine for a midget?
I just spent the whole rainy afternoon in Paris Uniqlo trying out the jeans. The legging jeans are the most comfortable. And they fit slim and great, I usually can't wear skinny jeans but these fit my thighs and calves well. For some reason the black legging fits a size smaller than the rest.
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