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I will be going to Bali and Java in January and was wondering what type of shoes I should bring? Planning to do some hiking and I will expect lots of rain and humidity. I don't think big heavy boots would be ideal as it would be a bitch to carry and if they get wet, take a while to dry. And they will get dirty so not looking for anything expensive...just a decent beater. Also I am travelling light (no checked in baggage) so I would like something lightweight and comfortable.
So Tim Cahill has got a new fashion line
^ I always use a padded sleeve since the bag has no padding
Does anyone know how the Quorum Cardigan fit? If I wear a size small will the size 3 fit? I want to get this which is on sale
Doing a wardrobe clean out and found a Michael J Krell shirt...whatever happen to that company?
This code posted back in February still works
That's a nice jacket. Spent too long looking for other stuff to add, then when I was finally done, checked out and the size small was gone
Never bought from MJ Bale store before. Was wondering how are the quality of the shirts? Similar to Herringbone? I am thinking of going to the Warehouse sale tomorrow in Surry Hills.
Some good prices. Was going to check out 3 items but then found that international shipping is $85. That's bullshit
^Are Svensson shoes worth it? Is the quality similar to Common Projects?
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