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^Are Svensson shoes worth it? Is the quality similar to Common Projects?
Hey guys, I was thinking of getting this barena blazer which is on sale for 50% off. http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Barena/118380/1/Clothing/Blazers/326/1/0/Barena-Blazer-Man.asp But I am not sure about the website. It seems like the RRP is less than what they normally sell for. Is it legit?
This sweater?
Anyone familiar with the French show brand Zespa? I saw some of their shoes in Paris, they look like a good Common Projects alternative.
Edit: Nevermind Sold Out.
I think this code stopped working now just as I was about to checkout =/
^ Damn it, was in London 2 days ago. Bad timing.
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