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heh, good point
Don't know, I haven't received it yet.
I probably won't even wear the jacket in SE Asia. Just want it to be lightweight so that it can be easy to carry around in my backpack.How's the weather during summer?
^ Mostly in France and planning on going up to Sweden, maybe to the Laplands to see the Aurora Borealis (but if it's too cold I won't go). Then to Poland in the summer. These 2 jackets are what I have in mind at the moment. Will wear layers and ultra light down jacket Nanamica Cruiser Barbour Bedale Leaning more towards the Barbour. Anyone know where is the best place to get the Barbour Bedale?
I bought this from the Norse Store sale
More recommendations please?
What do you guys think is a good jacket for travelling around the world? I am looking for jacket that is able to keep me warm during winter in Europe, somewhat waterproof but also lightweight so that I am would be able to carry it around with me in South East Asia. So far I am thinking of getting a Nanamica Cruiser Jacket, good choice? Any other recommendations?
Thinking of selling my new black much do these usually end up selling on B&S?
^ the zipper kinda ruins the jacket for me...would have been an awesome jacket if it had buttons
Can someone comment on the quality of Maison Martin Margiela knits? Are they worth it at retail price?
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