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I'm thinking of buying a shirt that is a full size bigger than what I usually wear. They ran out of my size and the next size up is on sale. How easy would it be for a tailor to get it to fit me? Would this ruined the shirt?
I want to get my boots resoled. I haven't done this before and was wondering how much does it usually cost in Australia?
Some Sunspel items on Sale (up to 50%) at menlook http://www.menlook.com/uk/sale#prefn1=octaveUKActiv&start=0&prefn2=brand&prefv2=SUNSPEL&sz=100&prefv1=1 Sign up to the newsletter for an additional 10% off code EDIT: Apparently the code they send you is a generic one so use NWS-7O9RU4CF65CR for additonal 10% off I think the Riveria Polo wore by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale is a great price
Anyone here recently got their CWU-45? This model isn't really as popular as the others so I'm thinking it takes longer to produce. I've been waiting almost 5 months for mine...hope I get it soon!
Used Nanamica Cruiser Jacket. $400?
I've been wearing my APC New Standards for over 9 months now (about twice per week) and washed once. Was wondering why are my denim still so damn stiff and uncomfortable to wear? About to give up on them and just wear my comfy uniqlo denim with 2% spandex
^probably tresbienshop, when they have the 15% off coupon code
^ Details?
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