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New unworn Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater in Dark Turquoise. Item located in Australia so would prefer to sell to Australians. Shipping in Australia: $10 Worldwide: $40
Tag as in the label that shows the brand and size. The item is a final sale item, so no return unless item is faulty.
If I bought a brand new item of clothing and I discover that the tag has been half torn and could that be classified as faulty item? Would I have a chance of returning it?
Any Aussies here interested in buying a Brand New Size Small Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater (Dark Turquoise) from me? See signature. They retail for $US310 and that is not including shipping (OBO). http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/pocket-sweater.html
What's OB? Why assume everyone knows what it stands for?
Crap year for me! Bought a lot of clothing that didn't fit including a Nanamica jacket, Inverallan cardigan and Nigel Cabourn sweater that were a size too large. Most disappointing is my TOJ CWU-45 which which took 6 months to arrive and ended up 2 inches too short and a little baggy. Only good purchases were pretty basic items like Kamakura shirts, Sunspel Polo and Wolverine Boots.
The GFC at the back of the jacket is a deal breaker for me
Are there any photos of the ToJ production room? Would be interested to see what it looks like.
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