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Pretty sure I read somewhere that the shirts never go on sale.
Can you please provide measurements?
So I am looking for white shirt with spread collar... something that is more dressy and formal. Confused with the materials...which one should I get? Pinpoint Oxford Dobby Royal Oxford Broadcloth Kersey They all look the same to me!
Are these shirt mostly designed to be wore tucked? I'm looking for a shorter length casual shirt that I can wear untucked...will the Vintage Ivy be what I am after?
Half price Cameraman in size S and M http://www.peoplesrag.com/toutes-les-marques/nigel-cabourn.html
Whoops! posted on wrong topic
Anyone know where I can find this blue strip oxford button down shirt in size small? It's sold out everywhere
Has this been posted? Context Sale 30% off selected items. Some cheapish Gitman Bros Shirt
Don't know anything about the brand but I saw that Amazon is selling a bunch of Made in Italy Cashmere sweaters at deep discounts E.g. $650 reduced to $45 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_apparel?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Maglierie+Di+Perugia&node=1036592
^ Post fit picsAlso on week 24. Ordered CWU. Could there be a chance they have forgot all about my order? Tried emailing them twice and got ignored both time
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