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Look at this Tiger Camo Sweater Not sure what to think...
Does this look feminine?
Just thought I'll post my 1.5 year old faded S001 denim next to a new pair of the same model. I'm surprised it has faded so much considering it is not raw denim.
Taking a lamb CWU with me on a backpacking trip across Europe...bad idea?
Thanks for the recommendation. The fades on the jeans looks nice but I'm not sure if it will fit me. Looks a bit too tapered andI have larger calves.
Thanks for the suggestion. I actually don't mind the frumpy fit (I have larger thighs). And they are on sale 50% off. Only thing I have concerns about is the size, I normally wear size 32 but only size 31 is available. Anyone familiar with how Edwin fits? Seems like this brand isn't really popular with this forum.
I am looking for slim fit light blue stone wash jeans. Any recommendations? Does this pair look good?
I'm sure this has been asked many times in this thread but I am too tired to read through it...was wondering why online store are not able to sell EG directly online?
^looks fine to me, but what do I know... Anyway, my noob question I recently got my first spread collar shirt from Kamakura. I don't usually button my shirt all the way up (I leave 2 or 3 unbuttoned). And this leaves the collar looking funny. I was wondering is there a way to fix this eg Ironing the collar down or getting the tailor to add buttons so that it looks like a OCBD?
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