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yes http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorder
That jacket looks like the APC Doudoune jacket from last F/W season. Not really worth it at retail. Jacket also fits a bit large.I did a quick google search and found this sitehttp://www.ssense.com/men/product/apc/navy_quilted_doudoune_ski_jacket/79298
Just recently got this Nanamica Field Pertex Blaze. Good buy?
I can get them for $240 shippedI think they look better in this pic
Buttero High Sneaker?
Got an email from David Jones RMW boots can be had for cheap
gargyle.com 40% off 1 item* Enter code EARLYTURKEY *Exclude Sale Items Valid Monday Only
This shirt for $100?
Does it look better in this pic I found online? The brand is White Mountaineering
I'm thinking of buying a shirt that is a full size bigger than what I usually wear. They ran out of my size and the next size up is on sale. How easy would it be for a tailor to get it to fit me? Would this ruined the shirt?
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