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Used Nanamica Cruiser Jacket. $400?
I've been wearing my APC New Standards for over 9 months now (about twice per week) and washed once. Was wondering why are my denim still so damn stiff and uncomfortable to wear? About to give up on them and just wear my comfy uniqlo denim with 2% spandex
^probably tresbienshop, when they have the 15% off coupon code
^ Details?
Found on a Japanese blog =/
How would you guys stop squeaky shoes? I have a pair of spring courts and they are pretty noisy when walking
Waited 3 weeks for this. Then I contacted seller and he issued a refund. Turns out he refused to send the item to me because the auction price was too low for him. What a dick. Anything else I can do besides leaving a bad feedback?
^ Wolverine 1000 Mile Addison boots in tan
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