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Has anyone ever seen a Filson black or navy duffle bag on sale? Where can I find one?
Is there a way of reducing the bagginess at the back? Should I take it to the tailor? Or leave as is?
Got my CWU-45 jacket after 25 weeks...think the back is too big and jacket an inch or 2 too short. What do you guys think?
I have the same experience with lerayonfrais. Ordered something from them over 2 weeks ago, checked the status and it says something about invalid address. Tried to email them asking about the status of my order and did not get a reply. Will probably get paypal to issue a refund if I don't hear back from them in a weeks time.
So Brook Brothers is having 40% off Filson bags today only but they don't ship to Australia. Was wondering if anyone here know of any good US proxy websites? EDIT: Actually I think they do ship to Australia, the postage is $50...
Pretty sure I read somewhere that the shirts never go on sale.
Can you please provide measurements?
So I am looking for white shirt with spread collar... something that is more dressy and formal. Confused with the materials...which one should I get? Pinpoint Oxford Dobby Royal Oxford Broadcloth Kersey They all look the same to me!
Are these shirt mostly designed to be wore tucked? I'm looking for a shorter length casual shirt that I can wear untucked...will the Vintage Ivy be what I am after?
Half price Cameraman in size S and M http://www.peoplesrag.com/toutes-les-marques/nigel-cabourn.html
New Posts  All Forums: