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More recommendations please?
What do you guys think is a good jacket for travelling around the world? I am looking for jacket that is able to keep me warm during winter in Europe, somewhat waterproof but also lightweight so that I am would be able to carry it around with me in South East Asia. So far I am thinking of getting a Nanamica Cruiser Jacket, good choice? Any other recommendations?
Thinking of selling my new black CWU-45...how much do these usually end up selling on B&S?
^ the zipper kinda ruins the jacket for me...would have been an awesome jacket if it had buttons
Can someone comment on the quality of Maison Martin Margiela knits? Are they worth it at retail price?
Anyone here ever had a Working Holiday Visa? Thinking of quitting my job and applying for it...I always wanted to live and travel around France for a year. Am I crazy?
I got the Dark Turquoise Pocket Sweater in size small. It's a bit tight but I can't return it because I'm located in Australia and shipping is too expensive. Any Aussies want it?
It's by Stephan Schneider and it's on sale for half price. Just not sure about the fit, makes the model look fat.
Retail €230.00 Edwin RV slim tapered selvage, light used. 100% cotton made in Japan Rebel Vintage from Edwin, this style is exclusive for Italy. Orange selvage Size: 31W x 33L Waist: 43 cm Leg Opening 19cm Thigh 21cm Knee 28cm Condition: Brand New with Tag Price Drop $150 > $140>$135>$130>$110>$100 Shipping Worldwide: $US30 FREE PRICE DROP $100 shipped
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