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I want a new knit sweater. Which one should I choose? Our Legacy - I can get this for $125 delivered to my country or Patrik Ervell - I can get this for $200 delivered to my country
Free pair of jeans http://pioneermade.com/products/raleigh-denim-jones-tencel-raw
Anyone know how heavy is the Filson Small Duffle Bag? Will it be a bitch to carry around for everyday use?
Look at this Tiger Camo Sweater Not sure what to think...
Does this look feminine?
Just thought I'll post my 1.5 year old faded S001 denim next to a new pair of the same model. I'm surprised it has faded so much considering it is not raw denim.
Taking a lamb CWU with me on a backpacking trip across Europe...bad idea?
Thanks for the recommendation. The fades on the jeans looks nice but I'm not sure if it will fit me. Looks a bit too tapered andI have larger calves.
Thanks for the suggestion. I actually don't mind the frumpy fit (I have larger thighs). And they are on sale 50% off. Only thing I have concerns about is the size, I normally wear size 32 but only size 31 is available. Anyone familiar with how Edwin fits? Seems like this brand isn't really popular with this forum.
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