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Anyone familiar with Orlebar Brown swim shorts sizing? I want to get one on sale in size 32 however it is sold out. Would a size 30 or size 34 still work? Is the material stretchy? I notice there are side belts which can be adjusted to make it smaller...would this help with the fit?
I like the first sweater. Who makes it?
Anyone here own the commander jacket? Does this jacket fit true to size? And is it oily?
^maybe check your junkmail? I ordered a few days ago and the got the order confirmation along with message saying "Due to our current sale we are experiencing delays responding to customer service emails and dispatching orders. We appreciate your patience." I have dealt with them before and they did have good customer service...I complained about a faulty product, they offered full refund and even allowed me to keep the product.
As usual, only big sizes left =/
They will be uncomfortable to wear since they will need a lot of breaking in. They are also very slippery on ice so you will need to get them resoled.
Does anyone know what is the difference between the Barbour Bedale SL and the Barbour Ashby?
Sucks that the site only ships to the US
Anyone here got Barbour Japanese Lightweight SL Bedale Jacket? I can't decide whether to get that version or the original. I would prefer a slimmer fit but I can go to countryattire store and get the regular one cheaper. Would sizing down still achieve the slimmer look?
heh, good point
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