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How come everytime I check the Outlier online store, most of the popular sizes are out of stock? Is this normal? I have tried asking them when they will restock but they won't even reply.
Haven't really been following this brand. Was wondering do their pants ever go on sale? I'm interested in getting a pair for travelling.
Wolverine 1000 mile suitable for backpacking trip?
Just contact them saying they don't fit. They offered me a full refund (including the shipping cost).
epaulet-extra-saleTake 25% off all sale merchandise!The code will expire on Feb 2nd. Enjoy!
Someone should get this Nanamica Cruiser Jacket, it is a bargain. The US site is half price when compared to the UK one. Pricing error? http://www.endclothing.com/brands/nanamica/nanamica-gore-tex-cruiser-jacket-179943.html http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/nanamica/nanamica-gore-tex-cruiser-jacket-179943.html
icarusstore now links to a porn site
The thigh looks too tight on this pic and they don't usually stretch in that area...I suggest size up.
New with tag size Small, $125 shipped worldwide Just got this knit so it is brand new with tag. The sweater is manufactured from Italian yarn fine 100% pure new wool with contrast suede elbow patches, ribbed cuffs, hem and neckline. p2p 49cm Length 67cm Sleeve Inseam 51.35cm s2s raglan Here are more photos of the item (different colour) http://www.norsestore.com/commodity/16085-norse-projects-karl-moulinex-knit Selling for $125 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
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