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^ Great price. But I think it needs more pockets
I've read through most of the thread and I am still confused with what pants will suit me. I am looking at either the Climber or Slim Dungarees. Which pants would suit someone who has slightly biggish calves (15.5inch around) and usually wears slim fit pants. I am more interested in the Climbers in size 31 or 32 but I am worried that my calves won't fit into them. The leg opening looks really small but then again they are stretchy material and that could give me more...
Isaora 3l tactical shell I'm looking for a travel jacket for backpacking around Europe. It's on sale for half price http://www.isaora.com/collections/isaora-fw13/products/3l-tactical-shell Should I get it?
Anyone here own the Isaora 3l tactical shell? How is this jacket? Thinking of getting it...it's on sale for half price http://www.isaora.com/collections/isaora-fw13/products/3l-tactical-shell
Am I the only one that finds the sleeve to be a bit wide?
Anyone know how often do Outlier restock on sizes? Will I have to wait a long time? Looking to get the OG in Charcoal size 31 but it's sold out. Plan to use them as my main pants as I travel around the world, need them before I leave in May.
TOJ CWU-45 , Brand new, received it last month, have not wore out The jacket is black lamb, a mixture of size 46-48 Here's the jacket measurement. shoulders 17.6" chest (pit-to-pit) 21" midsection 19.5" waist 19.0" body length, front 22.4" body length, back 24.7" sleeve length, from shoulder 25.2" sleeve width @ pit 7.5" sleeve width @ elbow 6.6" sleeve width @ cuff 5.7" My height is 175cm, weight 73kg. My body measurements Shoulders: 18 inches Chest: 38.5...
^ why won't you buy from me ?
Anyone here recently been to the SS store in Antwerp? Are the sales still on? I remember going there about 2 years ago, and they still had quite a few jackets ,various sizes on sale for more than 50% off. Regret not buying anything though as I was backpacking around Europe and had no room for storage
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