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Good sale but international shipping cost of $US60 is a dealbreaker for me
So I purchase a pair of shoes 2 days ago from NMWA. I have yet to receive a confirmation that the item has been sent. Tried email NMWA and customer service is very slow in replying. Do they usually send a email confirming item has been shipped?
Not to be a dick but where is the none of the above option?
This is half price at the moment and I'm also interested in seeing a fit pic of it.
I like the Monitaly Field Wax Cotton Jacket but the extended zipper all the way to top of the collar and 4 visible rivets in the collar looks a bit weird to me
Thanks but I ended up getting it from a uk seller from ebay with the $20 off coupon code which works out to be cheaper than Aussie retailers. I bought the Saphir shoe care kit which includes Medaille D'or Wax and Cream in black with a polishing cloth, a buffing brush and an applicator brush. Is that all I need to polish my shoes? Do I also need the Saphir Renovateur? Sorry for the newb question, it's my first time polishing
Where is the cheapest place to purchase Saphir and get it delivered to Australia?
I am thinking of purchasing my first monk strap and can't decide between black or brown? I am leaning towards black because it matches with more items from my wardrobe but are Monk Strap shoes generally brown in colour?
Just wondering will the Barbanera shoes get further discounted? Been waiting for another price drop before I pull the trigger
looks like the traditional moroccon djellaba that you see men wear in Marrakesh
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