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^ Damn it, was in London 2 days ago. Bad timing.
Visit Villa Tinto
Planning to go to Scotland next month. Is there any good places to buy quality Scottish knits?
Was in the Antwerp store last month and I noticed most of the female customers were in their 40-60s.
I did not ask for vat refund because I did not qualify for it since I won't be leaving europe anytime soon.
They were 95 euros each. Nice but too expensive for me
Received a few PM for proxy. Sorry I just don't have the time to proxy. Would have liked to help you guys out but I am on a tight schedule and will be moving on to Ghent tomorrow and then the next day I will be flying out to Portugal. Would really recommend visiting the store though, so many cool stuff. Wish I had got more than one item.
Thinking of getting these two jackets...
I only tried size V and I think everything fits great. Don't recall having an impression that the mid section was very loose... Maybe a bit loose or maybe I'm just fat. Here's a fit pic. Sorry about the quality - the lighting in the change room was bad.
I find the arm and shoulder area fits well. I think the armhole is what restricts the movement. If I raise my two hands in the air the whole jacket lifts if you know what I mean (sorry I'm bad at explainations). But this is a minor issue, I am very happy with the purchase. Might go to the store again tomorrow when the official sale period begins.
New Posts  All Forums: