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Yeah I checked there. They don't have them either I don't think.
Where is the best place to buy Dior jeans online. Specifically the waxed jeans. There are only 3-4 choices on their official site and no waxed. I'm in the UK if it makes any difference.
They are Thin Finns.Will they look ok on my as I'm tall and very skinny? They aren't skin tight are they? I don't want to look like Russell Brand or anything!
Looking for som chino shorts that will look good on a tall and skinny guy. Seen some by Ralph Lauren and Hilfiger but any other ideas?
So I've found some of the Nudie coated jeans (on eBay). They are L34 though, whereas I am L32. Will these be ok to get tailored and made shorter? Obviously I've done it with other jeans but wasn't sure if everything else remains the same with these?
Long time reader but still a newbie so don't bite my head off please. Done a search of the thread and still clueless. Looking for black coated or waxed jeans. The Nudie ones that are always mentioned are sold out I seem to see everywhere. I can only see them on eBay. Dior in the UK don't seem to have them on the website. Only been able to find these so far...
I dunno, I think most of them look alright. A couple do have the pyjama look - ones that are darker imo. But these look ok just think they are so overpriced. How can they price them at the same price as their proper jeans? I think the girls ones may do ok but the men's won't take off at all imo. Dunno if they have made their way to the USA but these just came out in the UK recently. Not seen anyone wearing them but reviews have been good and I can't wait to get a pair as I love lazing around in joggers. Did a search and couldn't find any posts re these and I thought this merited its own thread rather than being hidden in the jeans thread. Hope I didn't do anything wrong.
So I've read the first 6 pages of the thread (300 posts) and I can't really find much of an answer. For fine, thinning hair what is the best wax, pomade, etc? I currently style my hair messy if it makes a difference. I was looking at Gatsby Spiky Edge but it sounds like that is rough on the hair and can pull some out whilst styling. Currently thinking maybe B&B Sumotech, Sumowax or Hairbond Moulder? Would love some help.
I'm wanting some new swim shorts. Long and preferably with a zip pocket somwhere. Really like them, if anyone could recommend similar
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