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of course you can wear a watch... just don't keep looking at it
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black tight jeans have always been a symbol of subversion...i don't expect the sartorially conservative to identify with or accept them. Since the 60's when Mick and Keith were swinging around London in tight ass pants, the look seems to be associated with an element of oozing sexuality, danger, ambiguity and rebellion. Modern kids have appropriated this into their looks with an effect that can come off as feminine if...
Is it just me or did GQ used to be much more fashion oriented, whereas now it is basically a Men's Health / Maxim, with a bit of style thrown in?
"Uhh, I've never heard of Clinton Kelly before, but a google image search brought me to this No way in hell would I aspire to look like that over this dapper SOB" The guy from "What Not to Wear". But, ya, my sentiments as well.
An interesting issue that I have seen a number of times on styleforum is some semi-frustration over wanting to be fashionable and stylish but not coming across as a 'dandy'. I, personally, am much more inclined to try to look sharp but yet still masculine, as opposed to dressing very trendy, but coming off as effete to the general public. What do you guys think about this? Do you care and stay away from monkstraps and bookish glasses (not hating on monks and glasses...
off-topic, but for some reason you guys always crack me up by calling this stuff porn
Good read - especially your main point; that you basically just have to look and see what length works with the cut, style etc... I am 5'9 but short looks way better than regular on me, in 95% of suits. The low rise and shorter arms are also key for me. Totally agree with your analysis.
I would definitely not wear this tie to work (I'm a banker though), although you could pull if off in a social setting... it could even be a conversation piece. I would say being able to look ok in this tie is totally contingent on your personality. If you are funny/social, its doable.
sharp. there is really nothing to critique about the suit.
The most pressing issue is the waist supression
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