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Thanks for the advice guys. I have looked at TaT and definitely considered it, but the fits look ultra-skinny? I have an athletic build, anyone in the same boat that got a good fit with TaT? Thanks for PM eHaberdasher.
I do like the cuts there, but the quality is so-so. They seem to be around $250, I figured if I spent double that I could get something a little better?
I have been searching high and low for a suit in my price range (300-600), and I can find nothing that is very 'modern'. The quality has been sufficient for me (some Lauren suits etc...), but I cannot find a suit that has slimmer lapels, slimmer silhouette, flat front pants, 2 buttons etc... any recommendations?
I am looking for a slimmer silhouette navy suit, 2 button, flat front pant. I have had no luck finding the suit I want so far. I would prefer notch lapels, centre vented (double ok), and minimal pinstriping (if any). 38S to 40S, depending on the size/cut. Let me know!
Very Seinfeld question lol... I remove jacket, put it on the hook. Then 'tuck up' the shirt, so it is folded up towards the inside.
definitely dated
Very very true. And to respond to OP, yes, whatever people think is premium, is premium. I don't mean that facetiously, it's all about what you can get that other people can't. Then when everyone gets it, it is no longer cool. Some things, say bespoke, stay premium because dilution is simply cost-prohibitive.
I like to see this stuff just because it gives me an idea of the trends or subtle nuances of men's fashion that I can work in / adopt for the upcoming season... don't need to go out and buy the items themselves.
What does "ultra smooth fabric" and "ultra twisted wool" refer to in this suit description? (Yes, I am aware of the suit's price bracket). Thanks
good post PG
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