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Not really. Not sure anyone in the Baltimore area carries Alden. The only decent store in Baltimore is Samuel Parker, which is not in walking distance of the Inner Harbor. You can check out Victor Pascal, though many think he is overpriced. You might be better off catching the train and seeing the Alden store in DC (on F Street). Don't know if its still open. Then catch a taxi and visit Field English Custom Tailors. A short walk takes you to Sky Valet Shoes,...
For suits and shirts, you will have to go the made to order route to get anything that approaches decent fit. I use English-American tailors in Westminster, MD. There are numerous other sources that may be local to you. There are two online stores that may help: Rochester Westport For ties try: Sam Hober Big Shot Neckwear The Tie Bar I have the same problem with pants. Usually, I end up getting a pair a size or two larger than what I need, then getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 I personally do not see the point of a black blucher/derby. Awkward halfway point between formalities in my eyes. For those with high insteps, a blucher cut/derby may be the only option short of bespoke--it is for me. They are perfectly acceptable--especially in the states, where most people won't notice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser This is not the campaign trail. I'm almost positive it's across the street from the Capitol South metrorail station on Capitol Hill. The locale doesn't excuse the outfit, of course. Right out in front of the Republican Club.
DC usually tends to be somewhat more conservative in dress standards. Shorts with a suits is a somewhat eclectic choice. However, there are some weirdos in every town.
Gorgeous shoes. I thought they were based out of Austria, not Romania. Or did they just outsource the manufacturing there?
I wouldn't regard either of the coats as "trench coats," (far too short). I don't believe trench coat serves the same purpose as a wool coat. You wear wool to stay warm, trench coats to stay dry.
Got the same bag in the canvas creme/light beige color w/leather trim. Held up very well through admittedly light use. Very voluminous.
If you are willing to travel about an hour north, you can visit English-American tailors in Westminster, MD. Discussed extensively on the boards. No relationship to me beyond satisfied customer.
I think you are okay. I would prefer a solid belt to match the shoes, but I can't stand a white belt. The bucks and the pants are great. Relish in the work you will need to do to keep those bucks white. I think you would do better with a lighter shade of blue -- carolina blue -- socks.
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