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Still have these in my closet, forgot they were even there. I will take $100 shipped. Have not been worn any since the pics were taken.
sorry, should've said they are 10F.
They're pretty close. Just to give you an idea, my other shoes are as follows: C&J Lowndes - 9.5 Martegani - 10.5 To Boot NY - 10.5 Zegna - 10.5
Men's Craftsman boot in the whiskey color, size 10. Ive worn these maybe 4 or 5 times but they're just not for me. These boots new would set you back AUD 295 (USD 309) right now, plus you have to wait a couple of months for them to be made and shipped. Get these right now for only $200, plus shipping. sold
I think it is fine. Go for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman Expedited? If not, what the hell. I have 3 shirts I ordered last week that I'm still waiting for them to be made. Quote: Originally Posted by nbmplano You mean shipped out, not delivered right? If they are at your door that fast, that is insane! I chose expedited production, but not shipping. and yes, I meant delivered, not just shipped. Like they said, stars must have...
Ordered two shirts on Thursday evening, delivered on Tuesday morning. That is insanely fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow 2-button cut-away is what you need. The two buttons aren't a fashion choice. The more neck skin your shirt covers, the shorter your neck appears to be. Since you have a long neck, you want it to appear shorter, so you need a taller collar, which is exactly what the 2-button collar will do. I disagree, two buttons are a fashion choice. Just ask them to give you the same band height as the two button, but only...
wouldnt that mean one would have to button only the bottom button of a 2 button jacket? when would that ever look right?
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