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any chance for a fit pic on the hoodie?
Sorry, forgot to add that I tossed the box but shoes are new with bags.
Last try. $150 shipped.
Appears I can't edit my original post- Price Drop to $175 shipped
My apologies if these aren't thread-worthy. 2 of them have never been worn and 1 has been worn 6-10x. Asking $100 for all 3 shipped CONUS. Green. Size S. Never worn. Blue pattern. Size M. Never worn. Rust/Orange Palm Trees. Size M. Worn 6-10 times.
I purchased these pants back in March from phdude for $115. See pair #5 at . I never got around to taking these to my tailor. Waist: 34 Thigh: 11 Knee: 9 Unhemmed. Asking $100 shipped CONUS. I purchased this Borrelli shirt on ebay size 15/38. I sent it to the cleaners to have wrinkles removed and then didn't wear it. I recently went to wear this shirt and noticed it is must have been irregular as the...
What do you mean? Look at that nice piece of felt.
I noticed a very small SALE sign while driving past the Borrelli boutique in San Francisco. Has anyone been in?
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