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Quote: Originally Posted by CMD.EXE Also Moscow is one of the safest cities I've been to, Helsinki has a higher murder rate. Those blood thirsty Finns! Not true. Finland is one of the more violent Western European countries but nothing compared to Russia. Moscow: Murder rate: 9.6 per 100,000 (estimate, 2009?) Helsinki: 2.55 per 100,000 (2008) Homicide rates per 100,000: Russia 12,7 (2009) Finland 2,17 (2005) On topic: I've never...
Effects of nuclear weapons tend to be exaggarated a lot. An all-out nuclear war could certainly devastate Earth but it wouldn't end the world or kill all humans.
What's the point of having a credit card if one always pays the whole bill? Why not just use a debit card instead? I'd rather pay a few €'s of interest than starve myself until I've paid the balance off. Keyword is of course "a few".
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Rick Owens & Drkshdw (cept for the pants which are James Perse x Gilt Groupe) Useless trivia of the day: "perse" means "ass" in Finnish
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I think they should relocate an American team rather than go the expansion route. Atlanta would be my first choice. Seriously, is everyone living in the North America happy with the way your leagues are organized? No-one would like to see a league pyramid with relegation and promotion opportunitie instead of franchise system?
Good result for Juventus. Del Piero is still one of the game's finest players.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse I disagree entirely. Seats recline, and I'll use the recline. I'm very tall and sure that means reduced leg room for me, but that is the trade off. If someone tries to prevent me from reclining by kicking me, I will certainly be complaining to a flight attendant. They recline because they are using the same seats in many configurations, and having non-reclining seats in some configurations. wouldn't be...
Game itself is not that bad, but most series systems are badly flawed. That's not a problem for Americans though, I'd think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx There is apparantly a device for sale that will make the person in front of you unable to recline. I usually just keep kicking the seat until the person in front of me realises his mistake. Even if the seats technically can be reclined, in the cargo class which us poor people are forced to fly, it is something that just shouldn't be done.
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW they called me at my home phone # asking me if I was in the phillipines...I laughed and told the idiot it'd be hard for me to be there and answering my home phone at the same time. You haven't heard of phone # forwarding?
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