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You met with Michael Mutlese, Daroff's head of manufacturing, who invented the "Korrect Kollar" machine, which revolutionized the ready made clothing industry. My father was Joseph Paranzino, Mutlese's right-hand man and pattern maker. I learned my trade at his knee starting when I was 9, I am now 47.
I'm making a gentleman one now
Whisk Broom
For some reason all of my PM messages are gone.... you can email me directly at
Most Strands were 2 weeks also, some 3 depending upon size
I want to thank everyone personally for the orders and also for your patience. It seems like most of the footwear is on a 2 week backorder from Allen Edmonds, due mainly, I assume, from the Holiday break and end-of-year inventory. Most orders placed with me should ship the week of January 25th and some of you have received emails regarding this. I will keep everyone posted. Once again THANK YOU!
Quote: Originally Posted by Midnight Blue What's wrong with choosing a tuxedo that represents excellence in American tailoring instead? Does mainstream distrust of elite standards really run that deep? Harts does not represent "excellence" in American tailoring.
This is what happens when you dress the President in a notch lapel tux:
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