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Please elaborate...?
Word. But it is what it is and my wife loves it. So I want to save it... Any ideas?
Hello all, So, I have an Ikea Norden table with folding leaves and I am scared to keep it open with my toddler running around the house and pulling, pushing, eating everything she sees. I'm afraid she may, G-d forbid, pull/push one of the supporting legs and the table will swing shut on her. Does anyone have any ideas for how to child-proof it? Best of all would be a better, sturdier way to support the leaves when extended, but to retain their foldability. But I'll even...
Nope, didn't find anything other than what's already discussed here. You've been PM'd
No buttons are missing.The orange have the same pattern. So I guess it's safe to assume enamel?
I spoke to someone at the Missoni store and she said she things they're studs for a tuxedo shirt. I have a hard time with that because they are so large that I doubt they'd fit through any standard buttonhole!
Thank you, but how can I tell whether it's enamel? I am leaning in that direction because they are also available in orange.Thanks but I doubt it. You'd think it would come with more buttons. First because it's so restrictive (ONLY works for 1 button 3 on sleeve jackets) and because it comes with no spares (for 1000+ dollars I don't think anyone would buy the precise number of buttons without extra, and if one gets lost, they'd need to dish out an additional 1000 for...
I purchased these today. As you see, they retail for over 1000 dollars. They're sterling. But I have no idea what they are. They look like thick buttons, but I can't imagine their use as such. For starters, the number and sizes don't make sense for buttons (a jacket would need more buttons, a shirt would need smaller buttons, etc.)... Please let me know asap as I plan on flipping them. Also, any idea what the filling material is? Some type of stone?
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