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Heads Up: Carson Street is selling many Drake's ties. I picked up a whole lot and after selecting a few for myself am flipping the ties here (in the Marketplace section) for way below Carson's prices. So Drake up, people!
A quarter of my friends are pro trump. A quarter are anti-vaccination. And the remaining half is loyal to Obama even now. So yeah, Facebook sometimes feels pretty damn lonely. (And some of my friends are always embarrassing me to some of my other friends.)
Hello Gentlemen: I got this suit today (to flip) and I've never seen this label before. I googled it but got no results that were on point. Does anyone have information? What distinguishes black from regular? Thank you!
PLEASE PM ME FOR MORE INFO, TO MAKE A PURCHASE, OR TO MAKE AN OFFER.1) JOHN LOBB CHESTER SLIP ON LOAFERS, 9.5 UK, 10 US, MSRP $1100. They are in near perfect condition, with minimal wear on the soles, and with just a tiny snag (visible in the pictures) on the inner heel of one shoe. These couldn't have been worn more than 4 or 5 times. 320. Here are the shoe measurements: length: 11.9", width: 4.1" [[SPOILER]] 2) SOLD J.M. WESTON MADE IN FRANCE BROGUE GOODYEAR WINGTIPS,...
Bump--I am also interested in this brand and would appreciate more info.
Hello People: Any info on the brand Dino Draghi offered on Yoox? What are you thoughts on their quality and value? Thank you!
Carsons Street in NYC has an incredible 80% off sale on a large selection of their merchandise. Awesome sale at an awesome store.
Update: I visited their store today and pretty much bought out all their shoes and slippers that were on clearance. Expect to see them in my F/S thread in the coming days.... Review: the shoes are gorgeous. The store is really cool and the staff is helpful and friendly. Overall five stars!
Wow. But I am not as interested in the loafers as I am in the shoes...
Thanks, but I see that thread is moderated, if you will, by the company's management. I wanted some off-the-record information. You know, I don't expect the owners to give me an honest answer about the quality. SFer's on the other hand, you guys are a reliable bunch. So, anyone?
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