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I just lowered the price by 300 dollars to 800!!
These are gorgeous Kiton Napoli shoes. They retail for nearly $3,000 and they're worth every single penny. They are black suede. Notice that the front captoe is on a diagonal slant, aligning with the curvature of the buckle flap. Only Kiton makes such beautiful shoes... The color is midnight blue. These shoes are brand new in box, and have never been worn. They are marked size 6, which is a US size 7. Outsole Measurements: 11.3" x 4.1"
I'll take 2 pairs, please. PM
I wish you had a larger size... [EDIT] I just saw your other thread. Nevermind :-)
Price cut!
Major price cut!
Massive price cuts!
Major price cuts!
Drop to 375
Price Drop
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