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They always do. That's their standard price. Wait till the end of the year when you'll get them at the $700 range. That said, not to toot my own horn, but I'm selling Brioni suits for about 1k
Price drop: $399
Info about this place with Brioni suits, please?
Why do I only see women's clothing? Is it a women's site? If so, does it belong on this thread?
Sorry if there is another thread on this, but I couldn't fid it... What ever happened to Barney's Warehouse Sale in Downtown Manhattan? I remember it used to be at the end of the summer, but I haven't seen anything about it in some time. Any word? Thanks!
Hey guys. I want to get myself some club/round-collared solid white shirts (though if you have other nice colors, I'd like to see). I once had one from RLPL, and I often find myself missing it... I'm size 17-17.5 (depending on the brand, I might fit into a smaller or larger size).
Mention this thread for 10% off (for the next 24 hours only)
Stunning handmade (fully canvassed!) blazer. It's made in the USA by Brooks Brothers and is designed for BB's Black Fleece line by Thom Browne. The weight is year-round. The style is 3-roll-to-2. Side vents. Sleeve buttons included! All buttons are mother of pearl. This is a real steal!! Here are the measurements: Length from top of collar in back: 32.5" Sleeve length (can always be shortened or lengthened): unfinished (currently 27") Shoulder breadth: 19.5" Chest:...
They're beautiful! Alas, not my size.
Just added new shirts and lowered prices on the shirts that were already here.
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