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Dead! Product not found. Thx anyway, placed an order right be4 it's dead.
Mr porter both of us and uk site are now up to 80% off
wrongweather is now up to 75% off
lncc is now upto 70% off
What about those items from the warehouse sale? I realize that bayneys moves their remaining stocks from the Barney's.com to bayneyswarehouse.com. If I'm interested in some items from the warehouse.com, can I still call in the store and place an order?
Thx for the help. I got another question, what's the difference btw the 1888 number and store phone number for placing an order? How can I find out the store's phone number?I have not ordered from lncc this year, you will have a chance to fill out your shipping and billing add when you up to the check out process. As for the vat refund, you need to contact them after the payment if the vat is not automatically removed.
What is the difference between call the number of 18882221639(CS number) and specific store's phone number for placing an order? I have called the 1888 number before what they did was to place my order online thru their computer instead of doing it on my own. Any experience?
Anyone knows if I can call one of the Barney's stores like new York and place an order? How can I find out the barcodes of the items I am interested in.
More items added at ssense, but the sizes are really limited
I juz got my viktor&rolf from an online store. I am wondering if I can bring it to the best spoke tailor for alterations. I know Harvey Nichole's carries V&R in Hong Kong, should I bring my suit to HN or find a more experienced tailor for alterations? Can anyone give me a hint?
New Posts  All Forums: