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Japan fashion industry uses "preorder" strategy which means that customers can preorder some items 3-4 months prior to their drop out. And then those brands will produce very limited quantities for sale. Actually they only produce like 60-80 pieces per style so they r not willing to drop their prices during the sale seasons. Japanese are very shopping-holic it's not uncommon that they spend 2/3 of their salary on shopping.Actually you can find some good deals on internet...
New sale on forwardforward
It's hard to place orders thru stores. Cuz you dunno which store has your interested stuff and you have to find its phone number. Btw, do stores have more stuff than online or some items are in store only?
Same to me. Tried several times and then called them, one of their CSR tried to place my order in their system, failed. Have you used their international shipping option when you r on the check out page?
They r in Euro sizing, probly fits larger.
Did u grabbed these: got luck! Never seen marsell discounted at 85% off. Did u see size 42 or 43 when u placing ur order? How does marsell fit? Normal sizing?
The marsell sandals are damn cheap, 85% off in July , Atrium is closing? Crazy
Probly 10-15%. But it's 100% comparing to stockists in japan at regular price. You won't find deep discount in japan for UC.
Oh no. I jus wanna see what items were on sale at80% off. Most of them sold out already. It won't hurt u anyway if I see it unless u gonna put them on BnS marketplace.
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