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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Honestly, leather bands should only be worn in winter. The leather won't be nearly as comfortable as metal in hot weather. Leather absorbs sweat and honestly, how could metal be more comfortable than leather? It causes marks on my wrists.
It appears to me that the waistband rolling over thingy only happens on square ended extended waistbands, never on pointed ends.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I think unfilled belt loops look awful. Removing the loops is not easy (or cheap), as you have to take apart the entire waistband. Most of my belt loops are simply sewn on the waistband with a couple of stitches, not embedded inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by dirtrider123 Thank you for the replies, do the buttons on the jacket (sleeves, main buttons) have to match those used on the trousers (button fly, suspender buttons)? Both would absolutely be horn, but i am just wondering if they should be the same shade, etc. Buttons on your pockets and waistband should be the same as the ones on your jacket's cuffs. For inner buttons, you can get away with anything in your...
Folks over at SW&D thread would admire this look.
Quite surprising coming from a senior member with over 1000+ posts though.
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin I have a button down shirt from Polo that I really like but the collar does not have a slot for stays. Is it possible to have one sewn in? Or perhaps make it a button down collar? And the collar is a semi spread collar if that makes any difference. thanks.
That's brutal. I suggest making buttonholes first.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer It minimizes "wrinkles", not eliminate. A tree will fill and slightly stretch it. Imagine a soft bag at a store display. It's stretched and structured with cardboard and stuffing inside. Once that filling is removed, it "deflates" and collapses. The tree functions similarly. Even if wrinkles of the shoe is minimized after putting in trees, wouldn't the wrinkles go back to its initial state the next time you...
The pants seem to have terrible balance issues.
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