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eBay did not respond to various reports of inflated shipping and the seller, zadehkicks, had them give me a payment strike.
I don't mind asking to cancel the transaction; I have not paid so there is nothing to refund. In fact, I told the seller I was willing to negotiate a price so he could make a sale. The seller now says can I please send $4 to cover relisting fees and he will cancel the transaction with no strikes. Should I just tell him I'd rather do the dispute with eBay?
Thanks. I made a report of a rules violation due to excessive shipping charges. I'm afraid that eBay being eBay, it will not be picked up since it is not visible on the listing. They will only find a problem if they look at the invoice sent by the seller. I am worried about actually getting caught up in an unpaid item dispute.
I offered to negotiate on the price with him but he refuses and insists I pay or he gets an unpaid strike. How exactly do I do this without risking an unpaid item strike?
Thanks. What should I do... send him payment for $10 plus the advertised shipping on the auction? He is threatening to put an unpaid item strike on me.
Turns out the guy made a counter offer of $210 (in small print in the terms), made the counter offer show up as $10, then added 200 bucks to the shipping price. It was pretty confusing to me. So I can dispute with eBay?
Quick question for you guys and sorry if it sounds stupid. I want to buy a piece of clothing on eBay with a Best Offer on the auction. I put in an offer and get a counter offer that confused me. I accepted the counter offer ($10) and get an invoice with a three figure shipping charge. Maybe I misread the counter offer, but am I obligated to pay the inflated shipping charge?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Those were actually the shelltoes. Yeah, I have a pair, and wear them all the time. The captoes were from this SS, and did not come in "beige" (they called it "white, but yeah, they were a very light beige, nor in suede.) Would you prefer cap toe / shell toe CPs (essentially a contrast white toe) to a shoe in a uniform color?
I'll take the yellow Hermes and the orange Borrelli 7-fold.
http://thesmartstylist.com/mens_shoe...ic_sneaker.php I never understood this trend. Anyone have photos of how metallic sneakers are worn?
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