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By the way, can someone tell us how the wool/silk socks compare to the summer weight cotton socks? I will probably do a test buy, but would like to get a detailed opinion from someone who has both.
Just a quick addition... I own three dozen pairs of Viccel from the original set of colors and just remembered to place my order for the new ones. They are absolutely wonderful light dress socks; if you like the particular shade of one color, then they are perfect. They fit perfectly, they never drop, they did not run in the washing machine or fade (I make sure to air dry them though) and they simply feel luxurious. I have collected samples of everything from Pantherella,...
+1 on Viccel. Absolutely wonderful fitted, thin cotton for the summer.
What are comparable sales for EG? Is the EG sale really getting overpriced?
How bad was bad? How did Aportnoy fare?
Has anyone tried wearing a tie with white as a primary color, and with blue or violet geometric shapes or prints? I just saw such a tie and, while it looks pretty on its own, I have no clue how to make it work. I thought it might work only with a white or very light blue or purple shirt, or with a linen suit or sport coat. Summer tie thoughts?
So what exactly does two fingers mean?
No really. If you measure two fingers, does that mean being able to stick two fingers into the collar comfortably, or does it mean you have to be able to insert two fingers perpendicular to your neck between your neck and the collar? How much neck fat can develop from putting on weight? I mean, if your weight fluctuates, how much can your collar size reasonably fluctuate?
Stupid question, but how exactly do you measure one or two fingers of space?
I passed by Chan's in Hong Kong and had a shirt made, and they measured my collar at 17 1/4 (may have gained a little weight since). I went to another tailor in another country who decided to make my collars slightly tighter to make ties stand a bit more, and made these 17 inches. It was a lousy idea and I now have a few dozen shirts whose collars I end up unbuttoning before the end of a day, and I am already asking the tailor to redo the collars even if I have to pay...
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