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Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall These look so great, but they only sell them in packs of three for 165 GBP a set: http://shoponline.drakes-london.com/...k%20hanks.aspx Wtf? I bought two Burberry squares very, very similar to the ones in the first set for GBP10 + shipping off eBay a couple of years ago.
Anyone here own both Falke sea island cotton socks and Viccel pima cotton socks (over the calf) and can make a comparison?
Look, it's not important, but since some of you are interested: she chose, she ordered most of the meal, she paid.
I certainly enjoyed the conversation of a witty woman for several hours, even without considering her low cut blouse. Not that I would have minded picking up the entire check, but where in my tale did it say that I did? In any case, I have had my moment of whimsy. Let the flames and existential angst resume.
This story is for everyone who has ever been chided for being overdressed... I meet a nice girl in a bar and find myself having some time so I send her an SMS one morning. She says she's free for coffee but only much later in the day, and before I know it, coffee turns into her telling me to take her to dinner "somewhere simple." Right when I'm about to close my front door, I get an SMS from her saying, "I'm a little dressed up." I'd put on a nice shirt and khakis...
Charvet makes really good knits that knot well. Not sure why people here seem to go for a "crunchy" texture.
Yeah, looks like I'd rather have the 888. Thanks.
I say this owning both an 888 and a 606 shoe.
Thanks all. I think I really prefer the 888 last. I just have not been able to find a photo of the 606. Aportnoy's from the shoe pictorial index doesn't really show the last shape because it's a suede shoe and because of the angle.
This discussion needs to recognize that size covers length and width. Both need to match, and getting a larger size when one really needs a wider shoe does not solve the problem.
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