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Anyone have experience shipping heavy packages overseas (shoes trees, hangers, etc.)? Is there some sea freight or forwarding service that one can use so that shipping isn't as expensive as the items?
Anyone have experience with Cedarville's charges and customs damage for overseas shipments?
Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall These look so great, but they only sell them in packs of three for 165 GBP a set: http://shoponline.drakes-london.com/...k%20hanks.aspx Wtf? I bought two Burberry squares very, very similar to the ones in the first set for GBP10 + shipping off eBay a couple of years ago.
Anyone here own both Falke sea island cotton socks and Viccel pima cotton socks (over the calf) and can make a comparison?
Look, it's not important, but since some of you are interested: she chose, she ordered most of the meal, she paid.
I certainly enjoyed the conversation of a witty woman for several hours, even without considering her low cut blouse. Not that I would have minded picking up the entire check, but where in my tale did it say that I did? In any case, I have had my moment of whimsy. Let the flames and existential angst resume.
This story is for everyone who has ever been chided for being overdressed... I meet a nice girl in a bar and find myself having some time so I send her an SMS one morning. She says she's free for coffee but only much later in the day, and before I know it, coffee turns into her telling me to take her to dinner "somewhere simple." Right when I'm about to close my front door, I get an SMS from her saying, "I'm a little dressed up." I'd put on a nice shirt and khakis...
Charvet makes really good knits that knot well. Not sure why people here seem to go for a "crunchy" texture.
Yeah, looks like I'd rather have the 888. Thanks.
I say this owning both an 888 and a 606 shoe.
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