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I'm saying that in fairness, ties are rarely worn in Singapore.
In fairness, the guy is a tailor in Singapore.
I suspect the shirtmaker just does not deal with clients who wear ties. Hate tie space on my dress shirts, unfortunately.
There is probably a thread that I could not find with the search function somewhere, but can someone comment? I tried on both and Dior sneakers just seem sleeker, and not just because of the much thinner sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard in my experience, the shrinkage isn't too dramatic Are you able to quantify? This is one area where 1/8 of an inch can make a big difference.
This is someone I met in person and who saw the finished product on me in person during a lengthier overseas visit to a relative. This is also someone I do not trust to predict the fabric's shrinkage. Nice staff, but with limited knowledge. For example, they made a buttondown collar with no tie space (so the collar is pinched and crinkled above the tie knot) and with no space for a roll (so the collar points bend inward at the points and looks stretched tightly over...
Might anyone know which shirtmakers in Singapore stock good fabric (Albini, Alumo, Thomas Mason)? I have a batch from Joe's Tailor and have been generally happy with them. They have a limited supply of Thomas Mason (mostly silverline) from ends. They are also charging me 40% more than what they charged for my last order which is not justified by their very limited fabric selection, so I may have to find another tailor on my next visit to a relative in Singapore (or...
I think it's more the last than the tassels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton Sorry gents that is the way I feel. Funny, I posted my stuff as purely my opinion and was slammed as if I wrote "facts." I see many of the Vass shoes as casual (read budapest, peter and new peter last)--you are, of course, free to disagree. Vass' more traditional dress shoes just don't appeal to me. I like a chiseled toe but their toe (their U) is just not to my taste and I don't like theirs on a dress shoe. Their F...
I had some shirts made over a year ago and the collars now feel a bit too tight. The person I spoke to had this idea of making the collars a quarter inch tighter to help ties stand up better, and I foolishly agreed to this. I am considering having the collars in the next batch made a quarter inch wider but I am wary that this will not be enough after shrinkage due to washings. I am also worried that making the collar a half inch wider will be too wide. How much...
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