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If it were a large enough order, couldn't a store send it some other way? There are people who posted that they are concerned by cost, not delivery time. Obviously, heavy shoe trees are expensive to ship via USPS, but there aren't there other ways to send large parcels?
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Ding ding ding! Or hunt up the Swaine Adeney version.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker If you want that 500 Days look I think you're talking 3" and under. I was thinking that I've put on a bit of weight, so nothing less than 3.25.
Is it possible to gain a bit of weight and find your collar slightly too tight? Or would it take a lot of weight gain before this happens and your tailor may have made a mistake or you may have purchased the wrong size?
I just watched "500 Days of Summer". I liked the movie, but I particularly liked how the character had a consistent style that carried from scenes where he wore khakis and sweater vests to scenes where he was in suits. The look centered around skinny ties, including knits. I'm a stouter fellow and my ties are almost all in the 3.75 to 4.00 range. I now feel like attempting to revamp my wardrobe and look for ties in the 3.25 to 3.50 range. It's not just the movie; I...
I stand corrected Manton. However, I still think I don't see the point in having wholecuts that don't look whole unless knowing the construction is the way it is makes you walk with a little more spring in your step.
I liked the movie. What I liked about the style was how consistent the character carried the slim tie look from business casual to suits in the movie. Hated the Pumas with the suit; loved the use of skinny knit ties with square ends.
I absolutely cannot understand making a wholecut then putting decorative faux seams on it. It looks like a Beaulieu except you can tell yourself it's made from one piece of leather.
I tell women that a man is supposed to carry an umbrella for the instances when he might need to escort a woman in the rain. It's hard to be female and not smile at that remark.
Nah, not moving. Figuring how to send a heavy package of accessories to someone several time zones away and stumped by how shipping will end up costing more than the goods.
New Posts  All Forums: