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What don't you like about those? If you like this look, what sneakers should you be looking at?
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Do white MMs, YSLs, Diors and others have a different profile compared to Common Projects? Also, is there a difference between white Achilles mids and white Tournaments, or are they identical under your jeans leg?
I found a practically unlined jacket in a heavy blue Scabal linen and it holds up perfectly. Key is to get a thicker linen for your jacket.
I couldn't find anything on the page that was linked. So why are there some comments that Dior sneakers after 2007 are garbage?
Thing is, girls can dress up a lot more without looking more formal and hence overdressed. Guys can only do so much to "dress up" without putting a jacket on.
Thanks very much Carl. Last question: Does the extra layer of fabric for additional body affect the roll of the collar points as well, or is it just to avoid creasing/bunching at the back and sides of the collar? Lawyerdad: I guess I never thought of that and will try a thinner knot.
Thanks very much Carl. May I follow up: 1) So, should buttondown collars always have half an inch of tie space? 2) I didn't want to simply move the buttons up because my dress shirts have point collars with slightly longer points, and I wanted the same length on buttondown collars. 3) To clarify, additional fabric but not lining is what is needed here (I am wary and want to clarify what exactly they mean by lining). And could you explain "too limp" a bit more? (In other...
I have a very specific question about the construction of buttondown collars. I patronized a tailor in Singapore on a visit and I am trying to tell them that they constructed a buttondown collar incorrectly. The shirt in question is made out of Thomas Mason silverline, a much softer fabric compared to the usual oxford fabric one might use. The tailor, first, put zero tie space on the BD collar. When the shirt is worn with a tie, the tie pinches the fabric where the...
Got it. I take it you rate their shirts as highly? Anyone have a guess as to how many washings it would take to reliably get a shirt to where it's shrunk all it can shrink, if at all?
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