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What's the different? I liked a couple of the white Diors on Bluefly right now with the suede in front.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Nice GATs HRoi. The first GATs in your pics is a beauty, it needs to come out as mids already. Everyone hates it but I like these Diors. Yeah, what is it about Diors? I found that I like this one in various colors. I especially like the ones with a really thin sole that look that much sleeker.
Where do you buy it?
I think they are but finding your exact size may be an issue.
I have a pair of Sambas where the sole is coming off and the glue to the upper seems to have dried up. Any advice on how to glue the sole back to a pair of sneakers?
I'm looking for the Stan Smith Vintage in navy and the Samba K from a few years back. Anyone have any advice on how to find these models or something similar?
I have a friend who had a similar issue. He had UK size 13 feet and a very shallow instep. He walked into EG London and just spoke to Ray and Valerie. They took his measurements and said they would check with the factory on what they could do. I think they did come up with something and did not charge MTO prices.
Where is a good site or blog for "in the wild" pics of high end sneakers? I was looking for dressed up photos of sneakers like the ones around 2007 for the original Common Projects Achilles.
Those are fine; you are overthinking this.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 2010 CPs?
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