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I log on to Style Forum on the first Monday after Christmas and... nothing. A post on the Edward Green sale that has languished at one page, with a sale list for 7.5E only. One - ONE! - photo of spoils in the shoe porn thread. Not even gripes about the sale prices or the slim pickings. No Youtube video of strange men in old, fraying Carlo Franco Style Forum ties marching on Jermyn Street and elbowing their way to the shelves. Not even a photo of Aportnoy polishing all...
Anyone care to place bets on whether Mafoofan gets his wallet before this thread dies?
By the way, this is the first time we've heard of a Northampton outlet running the sale. Do we expect the same quality or will these be "sale quality" Edward Greens?
Slim pickings. Bah humbug.
A friend received a Dunhill polo for Christmas and he was raving about the silky smooth cotton and mother of pearl buttons. Anyone have experience with these polos?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober If your friend is charged for Italian VAT and it was not paid - we start to drift from a sales tax question to shall we diplomatically say an operations issue.... I think this is in fact the issue and not an intellectual discussion of use taxes in a mobile age. Just to close this off, does anyone know how much Ambrosi charges? Couldn't find it anywhere on the forum.
Thanks David. I had similar thoughts, but from my basic understanding of US tax law, I thought there might be a problem if the items are also priced at $1,000 (or less) in Italy or in the EU. From my limited knowledge based on Edward Green sales, they state prices inclusive of VAT (so Edward Green lowers the price for US buyers then charges shipping). So, I thought my friend might be charged for both Italy VAT and US sales tax, whether or not VAT is actually paid in Italy.
Quick questions from a friend. He wants to catch Ambrosi the next time he passes through New York and he understands that the price is a flat $1,000 plus sales tax. 1) Is the Ambrosi price a flat $1,000 per pair of trousers? Is that also the price in Naples? 2) My friend is assuming the $1,000 includes VAT in Italy. If so, isn't it right that he not pay any New York sales tax as he assumes it is correct for him to pay sales tax or VAT in only one country?
Anyone know how much Ambrosi charges nowadays? Do you get a VAT refund for flying in?
Will take the CPs.
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