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Would you know if they make MTM or bespoke on short notice? You're right, these don't seem to be the type you find in a market.
I just scored a set of guayaberas in San Cristobal in Chiapas, Mexico at Cab Guayaberas Finas in the center of town. Prices were M$800-950 for linen and M$550-600 for cotton. I received an 18% discount off retail after nearly making the store manger cry (with broken Spanish). Anyone have feedback about this brand? I think it might be a rebrand as there are different brand tags on the shirts sold inside the store. Some lines seemed inferior to others. Everything I got...
To be clear, I am considering buying a hat as a souvenir but ideally would use it if travelling in colder cities where one would walk outdoors a bit. If I am buying something, I figure I may as well buy a nice one, even if I will not use it regularly. I guess I am wondering if there is any cowboy hat that is not so over the top I might consider buying it.
I found myself in Texas and wanted to get a souvenir. I soon found myself with a pair of Lucchesse Classics roper ostrich hide boots. I thought this was a great choice as the ostrich in a nice brown shade is more unusual (and memorable for me) than leather but not so bling or pimp as alligator. I also got the more normal shoe heels of roper boots (instead of the 3-inch or higher heels of classic cowboy boots) as I have serious doubts these boots will ever meet a stirrup. I...
I'll take them for US$200.
PM sent
What do you wear with these?
I bought a pair of discount Lobbs from one of our usual Northampton suspects but it turned out to be the wrong size. He failed to state that they were "D" width so no wonder they were too tight. I requested a refund from the seller with no hard feelings, but I also requested that the seller pay for shipping to return the shoes as it was clearly his mistake. The sale was done over e-mail and Paypal and I have no protection whatsoever. Anyone have advice on how to make...
Aportnoy messaged me about his December 2010 haul and my faith has been rekindled.
Style Forum members wear "staple" clothing?
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