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Linen pre-washed, heavier than 10oz.
Does anyone here have experience with this type of linen? Tailor's not sure.
I got a new pair of linen pants made with W Bill linen. The tailor said it's a bit delicate so ideally, they should be hand washed or at least washed cold in the washer with a laundry bag. They were already prewashed so won't shrink, but the linen is delicate enough to be damaged. How would you wash these? Would linen shirts get similar treatment?
Anyone tried combining a little more padding/structure in the shoulder and chest and the more formal dark navy color with casual details like three patch pockets, open quarters and texture like fresco or hopsack?
I want to make a traditional dark navy blazer with a formal looking fabric, but casual details. Summer/tropical travel wear. I am thinking: - textured dark navy fabric, like a fresco with a more open weave - quarter lined, practically no lining - standard single breast, notch lapel - 3 roll 2 with brass buttons (my tailor is pushing me to 2 button only because the third button will pull down the lapel... true?) - soft shoulder with no padding (I have pretty strong...
I am having a basic formal suit done in a medium gray fresco. I love suspenders and the traditional feel but find they are just too impractical for my context. I usually walk into a meeting or social event and more often than not remove my jacket. Or, remove my jacket anyway when just walkihng around the office. For this reason, I will probably go with belt, and have two pairs of basic gray pants that double as dress odd trousers. Do you lose anything with belt over...
Two quick questions... 1) If your buddy has really wide feet and orders Tambos (which are not sleek at all, being the extra-wide RM model), is there any point to ordering with brass screwed leather soles over goodyear welted? They won't look refined, right? 2) How do the light colors of RM Williams boots compare? What is the difference between dark tan, tan and rum? Are other colors available and do people like any of the lighter browns more than others?
Has anyone bought RM Williams in sandstone? How is it? Does it age like brown leathers?
For the guys who bought boots in kangaroo leather, do you buy in the same width or go one width smaller as recommended at the start of this thread?
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