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I have a friend in Edinburgh this week... what should he buy there? Is there a good place to buy Johnstons cashmere socks for example? My friend and I both have enough jumpers and scarves from Johnstons so are looking for other cashmere items.
Has anyone had success having the umbrella engraved by another engraver and not Brigg or the shop that sold the umbrella?
I wear a UK 7F in formal leather shoes and a US10 in sneakers. I am planning to go to Scotland next month and will take some brief day hikes while there. Which size and type (full cushion, etc) of "Darn Tough" socks should I buy?
I have a friend who wants to take a trip to the Scottish highlands in October and buy a Barbour Beaufort or similar classic model for it. He is coming from Southeast Asia, but is thinking of buying a used vintage coat from eBay UK in his normal chest size and having it delivered to his hotel. He figures it's cheap enough that if all else fails, he can just buy a coat when he lands. Does this make sense or is it just too complicated? Is there a better alternative to an...
Is it better to buy a Barbour online or from a store?
This October, a friend is traveling from sunny Singapore to London then planning two weeks of driving and hiking in the Scottish highlands. I got him to buy a Gloverall duffle coat with the toggles and all a few years ago but told him not to take that on a rainy Scottish hike. True to Style Forum influence, he is now thinking of buying a classic Barbour jacket for this trip. I doubt Singapore is a good place to get this, so what is the best way for him to do this? Go...
I have a friend in sunny Singapore near the equator wondering how to maintain crocodile shoes. Anyone have any suggestions? Is it easier if I just buy something in the US and mail it to him?
Doesn't the weather go down to 5 degrees in October?
Heh how would you travel with a thick wool coat if it rains? Use an umbrella?
I sold a friend on the classic Gloverall duffel coat. He's planning a trip to Scotland in October and wants to bring it. Is that fine or should he bring a raincoat and a fleece?
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