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Right, my fear is that they fit pretty well right now so if they stretch they'll be too big. That said, I haven't put any sole in yet ( I didn't on my wolverines)
Interesting. I wonder if I made a mistake and should have went for the same size. Will the stretch significantly over time if they don't start super snug?
Did you go for the same size as your wolverine 1K's? I went .5 size bigger, and the OSB fit almost perfectly right out of the box
Got it, thanks.What about water proofing with sno seal? necessary or not?
Got a pair of natural trench boots, so excited! Has anyone use Montana Pitch Blend or obenauf's leather oil or as everyone using the venetian shoe cream
Thanks. How often do you recommend using the oil? I live in the cold, northeast.
How regularly do you apply the MPB? and do you do that in place of a leather oil? If not, how often on the oil?
I'm not suggesting that I stretch them, but asking if they stretch after a few days/weeks of use.
Just got my first pair of 1000 mile boots. Beautiful. I had to size down 1 full size, as a 1/2 size was still way too big. However, they are a bit tight (not super tight) just a little. They stretch over time, right?
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