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I have limited experience with AE. What size should I go for with the 97 last, if I normally wear 8D with the Barrie las? And for comparison, I also have a pair of polo darlton in 8d that feel perfectly in the forefoot widthwise but a little long in length.
dobule post
it is not even copying. it sounds like he wants to go to the manufacturer of Polo (for example) and ask them to sell him Polo stuff without the label so he can put his own label.
it sounds like you want to steal some company's design and put your own name on it.
i went to the Alden store on Madison ave today asking if I can bring a pair of shoes to them to send to the factory for recraft because I'm too lazy to call Alden and mail the shoes myself. The store employee said yes but it will cost $10 for processing and shipping and the current turn around time is 3 months. He then suggested that maybe I should go to a local clobber that he recommended. I asked him if I do use the local guy, can I still go back to Alden for recrafting...
Looking for some help buying my first pair of Indy boots. I currently have two pair of Alden in the Barrie last, do I need to size down or same size?
has anyone tried to combined this with corporate discount?
most of them that i saw were around $2000 but with another 1/2 or 1/3 off.
C21 in lower manhattan is carrying alot of brioni suits. Alot of solids but mostly 42 and up.
If anyone is interested I I saw a pair of edward grees loafers for 340 in the manhattan century 21. it's size 13
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